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Justin T. Bowler

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Executive Producer, Writer, Actor

While earning his BFA in Theatre at UCSB, Justin got his professional producing start working under an Academy Award winner in Santa Barbara. During his career at the production company, he cowrote and coproduced edutainment videos for developmentally disabled adults. Shortly thereafter, he moved to LA to pursue a career as an actor. Since then, his credits as an actor include E’s “Craziest Celebrity Weddings”, “Designing Spaces”, “Port Charles”, “World Cup Comedy”, “Wedding Altered”, and hosted numerous infomercials. He has traveled all over the world as an improviser with ComedySportz, National Comedy Theatre and Theatresports. As a writer, he has written/cowritten countless edutainment videos, a few short films (two currently making the rounds on the Film Festival circuit) and 1 feature. Aside from his desire to tell the rest of the “Touch” story in a full length feature film, his next project is a reality show called “Gamer’s Paradise” that is touted as “Cribs” for gamers.



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